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seafare is dedicated to things that i enjoy. much like the ever-changing seas that connect us, it is in a constant state of flux.

i hope that you have a lovely time looking around!

captain's log

03/20/24 - the page dedicated to chronicling my totodile family merch collection is up at long last! can finally remove that from my to-do list, haha!

03/13/24 - gave my original characters page a lil bit of a rehaul!

03/04/24 - updated my shiny pokemon showcase! i decided not to list most of my pokemon go community day shinies because, while i love collecting them, the repeats were a little jarring in this format, lmao. if i ever decide to list them again, i think i'll devote a page to them & them alone - but we'll see how that goes!

03/02/24 - lots of lil updates around the site! seafare's elden ring shrine is up now, and the totodile zone got its gen 9 updates. there is also a new quiz on the quizzes page. i'm hoping to add to the elden ring shrine soon, as i've been researching lots of elden ring lore lately! but i am also thinking about writing up a guide for training pokemon in scarlet & violet...

02/21/24 - finally put together a blog post about my alpha sapphire badge quest!

02/16/24 - added another short story to the reides anthology page! this one focuses on reides' family and has lots of fun banter and stuff. i really enjoyed writing it. :)

02/01/24 - new blog post covering the gen9 portion of reides the kingdra's ribbon master journey! he is officially a ribbon master, as he has all of the ribbons that he can possibly get up to this point in time!!!

01/07/24 - finally revamped the reides anthology portion of the site! each short story has its own page now. it's a lot easier to read them, so i'm very happy with it!

12/11/23 - the generation 8 segment of reides the kingdra's ribbon master journey is now up in the blog!

12/05/23 - updated the page dedicated to my storyline teams in the pokemon shrine!

12/04/23 - there is now a fav pokemon and pokemon trainers page! still have to get around to writing my reasons for having the trainers as my faves but everything else is all done :D

12/02/23 - got around to updating the shiny collection page at long last...!!

11/30/23 - while procrastinating on my brilliant diamond playthrough (which i am specifically doing for this challenge haha), i wrote up a page dedicated to the ribbon master challenge so that i could ramble a bit about it and also have a little easy-to-access archive of my relevant blog posts.

11/26/23 - the gen7 portion of reides' ribbon master journey is up on the blog!! yay alola yaaay

11/25/23 - seafare is now reponsive on mobile devices! YIPPEE!!! since site updates are now featured on this page, i also changed the 'site updates' page into a 'site plans' page.

11/22/23 - started working on making seafare responsive for mobile devices!! apologies for any wackiness in the meantime, mobile users!

11/20/23 - the gen6 entry for my ribbon master challenge is up now!! the battle maison may work hard, but donatella the durant works harder.

11/14/23 - got around to posting the gen4 entry for my ribbon master challenge!

10/23/23 - forgot to post about it in the update log but i got started on my ribbon master posts!! made the first post about it here and the second one is here. we are now in gen4 babey. i also added some more quick links in random places around the site but i/t that just falls into general housekeeping.

10/09/23 - finally overhauled my shiny page and put my shiny collection on its own page; i didn't like how squished it was before. i still need to update it to reflect my full shiny collection, so that's next on the agenda, but progress is progress. o7 i am planning on doing a blog post about my alpha sapphire badge quest but tfw i still haven't actually finished it LMAO. i also want to do a blog post recording my first ribbon master hunt, but that hasn't even started yet...

07/24/23 - OK LET THE RECORD SHOW... I HAVEN'T BEEN THAT INACTIVE WITH UPDATING THE SITE... i just slack off so much with updating this page in particular LMFAOOO. i haven't really posted anything new though, i've just been maintaining and adding on to existing pages. recently, i updated the totodile history page with a few new pre-release gen4 sprites, and i've been messing around a bit with some formatting stuff on various pages around the site, too. in a super pokemon mood lately with the release of pokemon sleep, so i'm going to probably start drafting some sort of addition to the pkmn section soon.

04/16/23 - update my shiny collection page last night and decided to keep a wishlist recorded there, too! i have some ideas in mind for the totodile zone, but i also feel like i should get around to updating the stardew valley section of this site - it's been a while and i wanna get it finished! we'll see what happens...

03/15/23 - i've been doing small updates here and there, but today was the first super notable one in a while - namely in the form of another big totodile zone update! i decided to expand on it a bit, so it has more things mentioned on its landing page (most of those pages don't exist quite yet though... baby steps etc). included in that expansion is the brand new totodex page, which i made because i decided to start up a collection of totodile pokedex screenshots. i also cleaned up the totodile history page a bit, giving it more definitive headings and removing the pokedex entries since those have their own page now. i hope that the totodile zone can be a nice little place with lots of totodile info preservation.

02/27/23 - happy pokemon day!!! as promised, i finished up something for the totodile zone in honor of this day! :) this site now has a section dedicated to totodile through the ages!

02/25/23 - added a character building page for reides bc i wanted a place to stash all the random graphics and stuff i make for him lmfao. hopefully i'll add something to the writing portion of it soon. i did a similar character writing meme thingy in the past but idk if i can find it since it was on twitter aka hellish zone for multiple reasons but especially for looking back at old content since the tagging system is abysmal. ;; either way i rly like how the page turned out and am hype to have a set place for all that stuff! next on the agenda is definitely something for the totodile zone of this site. i have something in the works, i'm hoping to have it done in time for pokemon day on monday!

02/12/23 - another new blog post is here! it's all about my very first full odds gen2 shiny hunt! i'm still so happy about how it all played out, and i'm extra happy to have that record of the whole process! now that a(nchor) the shiny totodile is home, i will have some more free time to work on my totodile page, so hopefully i'll have an addition for there soon. i also messed with the main page a bit too by adding a statuscafe widget.

02/02/23 - a new blog post is up! i also got started on the totodile zone portion of my pokemon shrine.

02/01/23 - finally finished up the new horizons page by adding all of my residents' info to it! i.e. my little intepretations of my villagers' interactions lmfao. i also added a few more quotes to the quotes page.

01/31/23 - sneaky little site update!! i did a lot of tiny little tweaks around the site... cosmetic in nature so nothing big, but i'm happy with them because i ironed out some issues that were bothering me, haha!

01/01/23 - woahh almost typed 22 there... DLFKDFKG happy new year!! i compiled a bunch of resources for the fun links page - including a list of my favorite picrews.

12/31/22 - sneaking in another update before 2023 is upon us...!! finally put some more original characters' profiles up - you can now read about rio (my ffxiv oc) and kaine (my stardew valley oc). i also put up a couple more playlists on the playlist page hehehe

12/28/22 - felt super inspired today so i ended up making that playlist page after all, along with a sitemap. :) i really love how both pages turned out! the next thing i wanna do is make a shrines landing page, but it's not like i've finished the shrines i have planned so it's pretty low priority lmfao.

12/27/22 - updated sooo much today omg yahoo!!! the fun links page now has lots of cute site buttons on it! i tried to find buttons for all my neocities mutuals in particular but if i missed anyone's button please feel free to let me know on my profile or in my guestbook! in addition to that i finally added all of the town info to my animal crossing landing page & sorted the main page a little bit. i decided that i want to put my playlists on this site too, but that page doesnt exist just yet... just something i wanna do. embedding playlists from spotify seems fun but i need to look into how to format that bc it'd be like... a LOT of playlists lmfao. speaking of which i also want to make a sitemap i think o: just for listing all of the pages on this site. so that'll be here soon as well. and since i forgot to mention it, there is a new blog entry, which i wrote up on the 25th. :)

12/19/22 - seafare FINALLY has a site button, which u can find over on the fun links page. i will be adding other site buttons to that page soon and im so excited for that!!! i just think buttons are so cute... so happy to finally have one for this site!

11/28/22 - whoooooo i've been in a super pokemon mood lately bc pkmn scarlet is AMAZING!! so i ended up writing a gen9 shiny hunt guide and posting it yesterday. i initially just wrote it up for friends but i like how it turned out so i decided to host it here too. it's been pretty well-recieved so i'm happy about that! you can find it here! i still need to update my pkmn teams page as well as my shiny hunt page but... im lazy... L;FDKGFDKG so that'll happen at some point!! i also need to finish the sdv page i got started on but im not too sure what i want on there yet. i def want to talk abt my sdv oc so maybe i'll make him a page first then link to it there. hmmm

11/17/22 - got started on the stardew valley page! mostly just designed it and slapped some helpful links on there. ALSO i did this a while ago but i put all of my main pokemon teams over on this page. it's so nice to see them together like this ;_; especially since scarlet + violet are finally being released in a few hours!!

11/12/22 - waaah i've been updating quite a bit but forgetting to put stuff here. LMAO. the projects page and shinies page have both been updated once more o7! and i also finally set up a blog, which you can find here.

9/22/22 - posted all of my dnd character short stories!! i've kept this writing pretty private for quite some time because i wanted to protect my dnd party from spoilers, but the campaign's plot progressed so none of it is spoilery anymore! you can read them over here. i also updated my projects page (i've been stealthily updating word counts on there for the past like month lmao...) and my shinies page :D

8/08/22 - *falls over* finally finished my shiny pokemon index!! that was wild omg but it's so nice to see everything listed! thank you pokemon home for providing us with consistent pkmn artwork! anyway you can check out the page over here!

8/02/22 - i got over my shyness, so seafare now has a guestbook! how exciting!!

8/01/22 - as promised... the reides page is now up!

7/31/22 - spruced up some stuff here and there... but, most importantly, i added a landing page for my original characters! i'll write up reides' page next!

7/30/22 - omg it's been a while! this month has been kicking my butt tbh! but i had a brain blast moment and realized i could host some of my writing here, so i set up a page for my reides anthology! one short story is there atm. as my dnd party learns some more about him, the others will unlock, hehe. i'm not sure if i want to host my fics here as well as on ao3 just yet. wicked grace is pretty close to my heart, so i think it might be good to have it in more than one place, but ehhh. i'll see. i'm also thinking about making a blog page on here and setting up a guest book, but i'm not too sure yet!

7/10/22 - started putting together the pkmn page!

7/08/22 - information on my new horizons town, honeymoon, is up, now! i'll be adding town lore soon (bc i love to give my villagers personalities and backstories lmao) as well as information about me as a player (like fav series and stuff like that...!!)

6/29/22 - set up the animal crossing landing page! i'd like to have it link off to my individual town information pages at some point.

6/28/22 - disco elysium page is now up!!! I want to study at a Revachol university. I want to call a car a motor carriage and graffiti graffito. I would play péntanque all day while drinking commodore red with my Hardie Boys. I’ll have magnesium every day worth 1 reál. i would go to the homo-sexual underground every night. I am more likely to meet moralists, Kim Kitsuragi, and Evrart Claire. I wish I was Revecholian :(

6/25/22 - started adding content on the friends page! it's pokemon themed and so cute ;_; if we're friends and you'd like to be added to it, please let me know!

6/24/22 - the page dedicated to listing my current writing projects is up now!

6/23/22 - set up a page dedicated to my fav characters!!! >:) and i also got the quotes page up too!

6/22/22 - set up the main page, the about page, the quiz page, AND this page! made a lot of progress. \(^▽^)/

6/21/22 - started working on this site in earnest! managed to get most of the main page done... not sure if i'll be able to finish all of the pages that i have planned, but i'll do my best.