seafare's sitemap!

  • homepage - seafare's main navigation page.
  • sitemap - an index of seafare's main pages. (you are here!)
  • about me - all about seafare's webmaster! ok so basically... i'm jamie.
  • quizzes - fun personality quizzes that i've done throughout the years.
  • fav characters - my fav characters from various media.
  • my projects - stuff that i'm working on atm; mostly of the writing variety.
  • my characters
    • reides - information about my dnd oc, reides.
    • rio - information about my ffxiv oc, rio.
    • kaine - information about my stardew valley oc, kaine.
  • my blog - a place for writing about various subjects.
  • my playlists - a selection of some of my spotify playlists.
  • friends - the most Epic of Gamers.
  • fun links - links to other personal sites that i enjoy, along with helpful and fun resources, too.
  • site plans - a to-do list of features that i would like to add to the site.