my storyline teams!

while i certainly love to Catch 'Em All (and always try to keep my national dex complete!), i really enjoy having a main team of six pokémon! they're the ones i play through the main storyline with and take up to the pokémon league. i hope you enjoy meeting them!


ember the charizard / lumi the pikachu / cake the clefable
king the nidoking / rune the kabutops / carpe the gyarados


anchor the totodile (✨) / miquella the togetic / bonfire the magmar
belladonna the jumpluff / valentine the umbreon / reides the kingdra


swampy the swampert / skitit the skitty / blue one the banette
garde the gardevoir / salia the salamence / cloudy the altaria


empera the empoleon / crescendo the luxray / bianchi the garchomp
loony the drifblim / waltz the roserade / sno the froslass


soren the serperior / quetzal the sigilyph / mott the carracosta
antiva the bisharp / din the chandelure / jin the milotic


orion the delphox / morticia the noivern / capulet the aromatisse
lita the lapras / grim the gourgeist / lancer the tyrantrum


mio the incineror / colada the komala / akamu the mudsdale
padfoot the lycanroc / paprika the tsareena / taro the golisopod


matcha the rillaboom / cola the obstagoon / merlot the grimmsnarl
leche the alcremie / bourbon the drednaw / flux the toxtricity


pepega the decidueye / bosco the basculegion / vane the garchomp
hyacinth the braviary / cayenne the arcanine / silque the zoroark


mojito the meowscarada / truffles the oinkologne / licorice the tinkaton
fender the revavroom / ponzu the veluza / chewy the dachsbun


laz the munchlax (✨) / syrup the dipplin (✨) / aske the gallade (✨)
chiyoh the sinistcha (✨) / crossbun the heracross (✨) / marrow the mandibuzz (✨)