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about totodile!

totodile is a little crocodilian pokemon. it is quite popular, as it is one of the starter pokemon that new trainers can choose in the johto region. like most starter pokemon, it tends to be rare in the wild - but, since it’s a water type, you might be able to find one swimming around in a river or something. they also seem to like the beach... go figure!

totodile can stand up on its two legs and it has two little arms. its feet are bigger than its hands – likely to help it with swimming quickly. a non-shiny totodile is light blue in colour. it has red eyes which are each, for the most part, surrounded by a black marking. three red ridges jut out of totodile’s back, with the middle ridge having prominent spikes on it. one more of these spikes is on totodile’s little tail, too! totodile also has a yellow marking on its chest, forming a v-like shape. a totodile who is shiny will look a bit different, however! instead of being blue, a shiny totodile will have light green skin! furthermore, the red ridges on its back and tail will be blue! shiny or not, a totodile will always be cute.

totodile is well-known for its powerful bite. every single pokedex entry about totodile will mention its jaw strength… that’s how talented it is. it also has very sharp teeth, making its chomps even stronger! while no two totodiles are the same, many tend to be quite mischievous and playful, which means you have to be careful when raising one for yourself. don’t under-estimate it just because it’s so adorable! even a playing totodile’s bite can really hurt. each totodile has to learn that they shouldn’t bite their trainer, so do your best to train it well.

totodile can evolve into croconaw when it becomes strong enough, and croconaw can evolve into feraligatr! these pokemon are also incredibly adorable. but don’t be surprised if your totodile wants to stay as a totodile. you can always give it an everstone, which will prevent it from evolving. be sure to take its opinion into consideration!