reides anthology!

reides is my original dungeons & dragons character! you can read more about him here on this website, or here on our campaign wiki!

as our campaign unfolds, i love writing little character pieces focused on reides - because there's only so much that your character can express at the table, right? these pieces either deal with pre-campaign events or give extra insight into how reides experienced campaign events. i hope that you enjoy reading about him, as he's a character who is very dear to me!

an introduction to reides' character and the events leading up to the main plot of the campaign. my very first piece of reides-centric writing. (originally published in may 2019.)

highlights the immediate period of time following reides' departure from his home city, with a particular focus on the bond that he struck up with a certain sailor from the surface world. (originally published in june 2019.)

a piece focusing on one of reides' hatching-day ceremonies during his time back in his home city, offering a snapshot of his struggles with his crown and the expectations surrounding it. (originally published in august 2019.)

this short story highlights reides' approach to combat, giving some insight into his morals and the power which his magic gives him. (originally published in february 2020.)

a snapshot of the ways in which reides changed during his early days on the surface. profoundly homesick while looking for his place in the world, he grapples with conflicting feelings and tries to define what freedom truly means for him. (originally published in february 2020.)

written as a love letter to one of my favourite arcs of the campaign, this piece follows the events of the fall of a city. (originally published in january 2022.)

magic is of paramount importance to reides. this work focuses on his initial discovery of it, as well as his attempts to begin practicing it as his home seas' very first wizard. (originally published in january 2022.)

reides falls in love, and his feelings are only intensified by the swirling cacophony of events surrounding a return to his home seas. (originally published in december 2022.)

the protagonist of this story is viglis, reides' older brother - but i'm still including it in this anthology, as it focuses on the bond between him and reides and the ways in which it changes through time. yet another love letter to one of my favourite arcs of the campaign. (originally published in february 2023.)

reides arranges introductions between his family and aske. in doing so, he realizes just how much he cherishes his loved ones. (originally published in february 2024.)