about kaine!

kaine is my original stardew valley character.
name → kaine
birthday → summer 07
gender → male
age → 32
job → farmer / fisher
farm type → hill-top
farm name → tetra farm

the owner of tetra farm, kaine is a gruff fellow who may be a bit hard to approach thanks to his naturally intimidating appearance. his past as a pirate has left him with a great deal of knowledge about the world - and not all of it is pleasant. he has a heart of gold, though, and one would be pressed to find a more loyal friend. if he's not working on his farm, he can usually be found at the stardrop saloon or at the beach.

kaine's appearance!

  • kaine is 6ft tall and has a muscular build.
  • since he spends so much time outdoors, his brown skin is perpetually sun-kissed.
  • he has "hold fast" tattoed across his knuckles.
  • doesn't have much of a fashion sense; still gravitates towards the sort of stuff he'd wear as a pirate. sea motifs and the like still comfort him a lot.
  • he is blind in one eye, so he wears a patch over it.
  • he keeps the hat that he wore during his seafaring days stored away at his old home on ginger island.

kaine's personality!

quiet and gruff, kaine isn’t much of a talker. when paired with his intimidating appearance, this can give him an unapproachable, standoffish vibe. he doesn't care about improving his image or seeming approachable, either.

however, kaine is actually very perceptive and kind. since he spent most of his life as part of a crew, he knows how to look out for others and makes for a very loyal friend. he readily helps those who are in need of any assistance and is generally willing to lend an ear if someone needs to talk about their problems.

of course, this doesn’t make him entirely gentle. he is still a man who once traversed the seas as a pirate and he is not at all a pushover. if someone gets on his bad side, they may very well be able to see an inkling of his younger, rowdier self return to the surface.

kaine's preferences!

favorites: fried calamari, treasure chest, beer
   "i love this stuff. how'd you know?"

likes: hot pepper, coconut, lobster
   "...for me? woah. thanks."

dislikes: cheese, parsnip soup

hates: white algae, potato
   "ugh... seriously?"

kaine's past!

kaine is from the fern islands, an archipelago in the gem sea belonging to the ferngill republic. with neither a family to speak of nor a place to call home, he sought to find his own place in the world. this resulted in him joining a pirate crew at a very young age - so young that kaine actually has no recollection of his life prior to becoming a pirate.

as a member of this pirate crew, kaine sailed the seas for years. their vessel targeted ships belonging to the gotoro empire specifically, frequently disrupting trade routes and stealing as many riches as they could. though it was a harsh life certainly not for the faint of heart, kaine was a skilled pirate and gained somewhat of a reputation on the seas.

one day, however, the crew’s captain suddenly vanished… without naming a successor. this sent the crew into a panic, and, in the ensuing chaos, the family that kaine managed to find began to fall apart. rather than sticking around to witness this, kaine decided to part ways with them and the pirate way of life as a whole.

kaine settled down on ginger island and lived as a hermit. he planned to spend the rest of his life like this - until he received a letter from a relative that he had never heard of before. the person claimed to be his grandfather and was leaving a farm in his care. whether this man was truly his grandfather was hard to say, but kaine decided to do as he wished and relocated to pelican town. there, he became the new owner of tetra farm.

kaine's present!

at first, kaine’s life in pelican town was very similar to his life on ginger island. he didn’t really talk to any of the townsfolk and focused on learning how to farm properly. he spent whatever free time he had on the beach, fishing and reminiscing about his days at sea. being a frequent visitor there, he eventually struck up a friendship with an eccentric man who lived nearby in a seaside shack… namely, elliott.

elliott was never all that intimidated by kaine, even after learning about his past as a pirate. in fact, when elliott learned about kaine’s past, he was incredibly excited about it, asking kaine to tell him stories about the things he got up to. however, willy, the owner of the fish shop and elliott’s neighbor, was way less enthusiastic. he knew of the different pirate crews hailing from the fern islands and was aware of kaine’s reputation. but, with time, he saw that kaine had mellowed out – and the two were quick to become friends, especially with their shared enthusiasm for fishing.

by forging friendships with these two, kaine slowly began to come out of his shell. he began hanging out in the stardrop saloon more often and became less intimidating in the eyes of the rest of the town’s residents. as he became more and more in-touch with nature, kaine became wrapped up in the effort to rebuild the community center. with time, he was able to complete the bundles that the junimo requested and, in doing so, helped the community of pelican town as a whole.

during all of this, kaine’s bond with elliott deepened and blossomed into something romantic in nature. the two got married and elliott moved out of his seaside shack and into kaine’s house on tetra farm. with time, they adopted two kids: yves and toby.

trivia about kaine!

  • even though tetra farm is located on the top of a hill, kaine still decorates it with a nautical theme.
  • kaine is extremely passionate about fishing. it's his main hobby. send him fishing memes, he'll love them.
  • has extremely high tolerance when it comes to alcohol.
  • he's a very light sleeper.
  • a big fan of spicy food.