update log!

9/22/22 - posted all of my dnd character short stories!! i've kept this writing pretty private for quite some time because i wanted to protect my dnd party from spoilers, but the campaign's plot progressed so none of it is spoilery anymore! you can read them over here. i also updated my projects page (i've been stealthily updating word counts on there for the past like month lmao...) and my shinies page :D

8/08/22 - *falls over* finally finished my shiny pokemon index!! that was wild omg but it's so nice to see everything listed! thank you pokemon home for providing us with consistent pkmn artwork! anyway you can check out the page over here!

8/02/22 - i got over my shyness, so seafare now has a guestbook! how exciting!!

8/01/22 - as promised... the reides page is now up!

7/31/22 - spruced up some stuff here and there... but, most importantly, i added a landing page for my original characters! i'll write up reides' page next!

7/30/22 - omg it's been a while! this month has been kicking my butt tbh! but i had a brain blast moment and realized i could host some of my writing here, so i set up a page for my reides anthology! one short story is there atm. as my dnd party learns some more about him, the others will unlock, hehe. i'm not sure if i want to host my fics here as well as on ao3 just yet. wicked grace is pretty close to my heart, so i think it might be good to have it in more than one place, but ehhh. i'll see. i'm also thinking about making a blog page on here and setting up a guest book, but i'm not too sure yet!

7/10/22 - started putting together the pkmn page!

7/08/22 - information on my new horizons town, honeymoon, is up, now! i'll be adding town lore soon (bc i love to give my villagers personalities and backstories lmao) as well as information about me as a player (like fav series and stuff like that...!!)

6/29/22 - set up the animal crossing landing page! i'd like to have it link off to my individual town information pages at some point.

6/28/22 - disco elysium page is now up!!! I want to study at a Revachol university. I want to call a car a motor carriage and graffiti graffito. I would play péntanque all day while drinking commodore red with my Hardie Boys. I’ll have magnesium every day worth 1 reál. i would go to the homo-sexual underground every night. I am more likely to meet moralists, Kim Kitsuragi, and Evrart Claire. I wish I was Revecholian :(

6/25/22 - started adding content on the friends page! it's pokemon themed and so cute ;_; if we're friends and you'd like to be added to it, please let me know!

6/24/22 - the page dedicated to listing my current writing projects is up now!

6/23/22 - set up a page dedicated to my fav characters!!! >:) and i also got the quotes page up too!

6/22/22 - set up the main page, the about page, the quiz page, AND this page! made a lot of progress.

6/21/22 - started working on this site in earnest! managed to get most of the main page done... not sure if i'll be able to finish all of the pages that i have planned, but i'll do my best.