about me!

oh wow... so you want to know about lil old me, huh...
for starters, my name is jamie! i'm 28 years old. i was born in august and my star sign is leo. coincidentally, lions are my favourite animal!
i live in the caribbean and have spent most of my life here, so i love the sea! when i was a kid, i wanted to be a merperson... and i still do. lmfao. the general vibe of the tropics is really comforting, in my opinion. if i had my way, i would go sunbathing on the beach every single day!!!

as for personal interests, i mostly enjoy writing and playing games! in particular, i really love rpgs, especially if they let me shape a character's choices in some way. i am constantly rotating various characters in my mind, so character making and character analysis are both huge passions of mine! i also like things that are cute and things that are related to horror.

media that i enjoy

gaming pokémon, animal crossing, disco elysium, hades, earthbound, dragon age, elden ring, kingdom hearts, tales of (symphonia, vesperia, zestiria, berseria), final fantasy (vii, xiv), dragon quest (xi), story of seasons, rune factory, fire emblem, fallout, persona, undertale, the legend of zelda, octopath traveler, stardew valley

animanga k-on!, cardcaptor sakura, sailor moon, yotsuba&!, azumanga daioh, puella magi madoka magica, mobile suit gundam: the witch from mercury

television black sails, hannibal nbc, better call saul, breaking bad, severance, what we do in the shadows, the mandalorian

likes: sunny weather, fried squid
dislikes: mashed potatoes