omg i finally did it... i set up a little blog for my site...!!

i've been meaning to do this for quite some time!!! honestly, i havent blogged since my livejournal / dreamwidth days. i'm a bit of a private person ig. if a site for posts has an option to lock content to friends only or keep an account private, i will usually go with that option. T_T which is both good and bad, i guess. anyway, idk how personal i will get here, but it's nice to have a place to share my thoughts regardless. i guess time will tell how i decide to use this space.

for now, i guess i can give a bit of a general life update! lately i've been really excited about the new pokemon game!!! less than a week to go!! i'll be picking up pokemon scarlet, myself. i want to start off with spritagito... i'm going to be naming mine 'mojito,' after the cocktail. mmmm. i really hope that its shiny form is cute. that being said... i know i'm going to be shiny hunting for it regardless. such is my destiny. also, i know a lot of leaks are going around for the game, too!! it's so crazy. i can't remember the last time a pokemon game wasn't leaked before release. i don't particularly mind if people do that, but i do think people openly posting spoilers are assholes. i admittedly did spoil myself for a few things but i'm trying to be strong and not peek at the dex as a whole. rachel took a look at it and said that one of the pokemon on it is extremely my #style in terms of its design, so i'm really excited to find out what that's about!!!

in terms of the stuff that's been officially revealed, though, i really love the npc trainer designs. arven in particular is such a fave, his hair looks so fluffy. i want to cosplay him just to have an excuse to have a wig like that lol. i'm excited to see more of the "evil" team's bosses, too. the delinquent theme is sooooo good, dear god. admittedly, i was worried at first because i didn't love the default player trainer... face... (they're like... 'o_o'... you know?!? L;KFDV), especially in comparison to all of the npcs' cool designs, but then gamefreak revealed that we can customize our faces and the options look mega cute!! so all that's left is... hype. hehe.

a lot of my friends are getting these games, too, and i'm STOKED about that because the multiplayer actually looks amazing!!! i am a sword/shield truther but the wild area in that game left a LOT to be desired, in terms of multiplayer. i don't care about seeing a bunch of random trainers phasing in and out of existence... i wanna run around with my friends...... and now i finally can. raid battles are gonna be fun, too. but i just love the thrill of Existing Alongside Pals. i'm easily pleased......

on the subject of pokemon, it's teddiursa community day today in pokemon go. i'm staying home so i'm just catching whatever decides to wander into my house, lol. hopefully a little green one will visit, but if they're shy, that's okay, too. it just feels wrong not to try, you know? omg and i would be a fake fan if i didn't mention this... spoilers(?) for pokeani, but... how amazing it is that ash won the world championship?!?! i haven't kept up with the latest seasons of pokeani, but i saw actual news sites reporting on it. like bbc. so cute!! congrats, ash + ash's pkmn team!!

i've also been working a lot on my original story! you might know that because i've been stealthily updating my projects page every so often. i finished the first draft of the first volume (and i have 3 volumes planned!!!), so now i'm in the editing stage before i get started on volume 2. editing is kind of tedious for me, since i generally hate looking at stuff with a critical eye haha, but it's fun to read everything that i spent so much time writing. most of my edits so far have been a bit on the more technical side. i'm not sure if i'll be rewriting any chapters or anything. i'm so invested in the characters and the universe i have constructed surrounding them, so i really want to do them justice. i'll keep on doing my best.

speaking of characters, we had a really great dnd session last night! my character, reides, has finally returned to his home city - aquos - after years of being away from it. it's so crazy to think of how much he's grown as a character since our first session (ftr, last night's session was our 74th one!!). anyway, reides is basically a runaway prince with a lot of heavy baggage associated with his home city, so going home is A Big Deal for him. he's already gotten in a few tense arguments with people from his past, including his older brother, viglis. gah. it's so wild when a character cares deeply for another character, but they can't help but cause pain to each other. i think reides has grown quite a bit, so reconciling with some figures from his past is definitely something he's capable of, but we'll just have to see how the rp goes!! at the moment, he's more preoccupied with keeping his friends safe and saving his sister, who's currently been kidnapped by a BABY KRAKEN / ABOLETH DUO... gonna have to do my best with sorting that out. T_T honestly, i could talk about our campaign for hours. it's the best. once i'm done with editing my original story, i might take a break to write some more reides stuff. i have the things i've written up on our campaign wiki (and you can check out my friends' AMAZING writing there, too!), but reides' stories are also posted on this site - on this page, to be precise. if anyone happens to check them out, i hope you enjoy them!

anyway, i think that's all i have to report on for now! i'm really excited about a lot of things lately. these past few months have been pretty challenging due to family health stuff (which i won't really go into here, at least not today, but aghhh, it was so stressful and i'm so glad stuff has worked out thus far), so being able to vibe a bit and have stuff to look forward to is a huge relief. i'm hoping that i can keep on updating this site because i love neocities so much, even though i'm pretty shy. i want to make a button for this site and start working on my links page soon... but i'll start rambling again if i get into that. so, let me just end this post off by saying that i hope everyone's been doing well! :)

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